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Optimus Project: uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows Staddiscombe, Devon

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tilt and turn windows for a staddiscombe family

The existing tilt and turn windows in this Staddiscombe property had come to the end of their life. They were drafty, tired, and uninspiring, leaving the home feeling cold. They were over 20 years old, and the old uPVC didn’t have the benefits of new uPVC windows. The uPVC door was also an old uPVC front door that was no longer up to the task of keeping the elements outside. The wooden cladding on the outside of the house was also peeling and warping and the family found the constant need to repaint it arduous. They decided it was time to give their home a home improvement makeover and contacted Optimus windows.

Benefits of Staddiscombe Tilt and Turn Windows

Mrs and Mrs Lewis were in the market for something a little different and decided to go with replacement uPVC Tilt and Turn windows.

Tilt and Turn window Ventilation

One of the most obvious benefits of Tilt and Turn windows is the ability to open the windows in different directions to vary the type of ventilation. The Tilt function is ideal for top ventilation and allows hot air to escape quickly and effectively, this also prevents strong breezes filling the room. For greater air flow the turn function allows the window opens outwards from the frame. enabling a much greater circulation of air.

Security Capacity of the windows

Our Tilt and Turn windows are designed with security in mind, offering the highest possible protection for your home. Their multiple locking system meets the rigorous standards of PAS24:2016 and Secured by Design accreditation – ensuring peace of mind as well as style.

Hidden Hinges

Optimus Tilt and Turn Windows feature hidden hinges so they give the effect of being a fixed window at the same time as being completely operable. The only visible hardware is the handle and you can select the style to suit your rooms.

Thermally Efficient and Weatherproof windows

Tilt and Turn windows tend seal better than their casement and sliding sash counterparts.  They have better air seals and therefore keep your home warmer for longer and they could save you money on your heating bills.

Home Improvements in Staddiscombe

Optimus has just completely updated a close neighbour’s Staddiscombe home, including new windows modernising and lifting the look of the property. Hence, it was easy for Mr and Mrs Lewis to choose Optimus to transform their property. We listened to the brief and understood their home improvement requirements. Mr and Mrs Lewis were looking for increased energy efficiency and security.


Staddiscombe windows before Staddiscombe Windows After

From UPVC to Composite Door

The hardest decision was making the right design choice. It took several attempts to get the right colour for the new Solidor Composite Front Door. With patience and computer-aided drawings, Mrs and Mrs Lewis could visualise how the door would look on their Staddiscombe home. What a difference the new door makes! The Composite Door of choice is the Ludlow 2 design with a Peacock Blue exterior, White interior, and Modena Glass. They chose a Classic L/L Lever Handle in Gold with a sweet letter plate and a Gold Premium Doctor Door Knocker. We think the door looks great with the new windows and cladding.

Staddiscombe Door Before
Staddiscombe Door After

Replacement Cladding

This Staddiscombe home has been given a completely new look. The replacement cladding has made the most significant difference. The family no longer have to get up the ladders and paint the cladding of their house. The old and peeling wooden cladding has been replaced with low-maintenance uPVC cladding that looks the part. This home has been lifted into a modern, energy-efficient, and a joy to come home to, as well as increasing its market value and desire.


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